CAKE DEBUT Crass Sophisticate vol 1 by Josh Reinwald & Justin Rosenberg

Crass Sophisticate vol 1

"hey hi ya doin- crass sophisticate here- listen i accidentally deleted that email you sent me about promotin a new book at cake. the book- its goddamn giant fat anthology of all the retro issues (since 2007 seven years in the making) with a glorious forward by edie fake and its big over three hundred pages of chicken, smoothies, cigarettes, rat jerky, an avatard, a dwarf jockey- his unicorn- dollin up teen chicks- the duggar broads- burnin down their house, pretending to be batman and flying on a rat dragon shittin on rich people all in one book... not too shabbyso listen, whore it out (its okay) on your cake web site and we'll bring home the gold for you like the olympicssincerely crass sophisticatejosh & justin"

Crass Sophisticatein the year of our lord 2013 since our last crass issue we’ve grown a lot- much like dakota fanning, who’s become a fine, fine lady and a fine, fine pair of gentlemen we’ve become, but alas… an astute reader will notice that we’ve referenced our genitals less and less over the years and have embraced other peoples genitals- more wishingly, dakota fannings, but alas…

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