CAKE DEBUT: The Anthropologists by Whit Taylor

The Anthropologists by Whit Taylor

The Anthropologists follows the author's trip to Australia and subsequent reevaluation of her chosen field of study. Taylor's expressive line work and analysis of the strange intersection of self as a person of color, a tourist and a scholar of Aboriginal culture make for an engrossing, thought-provoking read.The Anthropologists is the second book in the Sparkplug Minis Series, a collection of limited-edition minicomics by fantastic underground artists.Published by Sparkplug Books

Sparkplug BooksSparkplug Books has been publishing unconventional and under-appreciated comics artists for over ten years. We also distro a large collection of zines and self-published minis. Sparkplug is based in Portland, OR.

Visit Sparkplug Books' website, and pick up The Anthropologists at Table 65 May 31st & June 1st!