CAKE DEBUT: Occupation by Andrice Arp

Occupation by Andrice Arp

A 2-color risograph-printed minicomic about root vegetables, dolls, what we choose to do with our time, and the difficulty of making changes. 36 pages.

Occupation by Andrice ArpOccupation by Andrice ArpOccupation by Andrice Arp

Andrice ArpAndrice co-edited and co-founded Hi-Horse Comics in 2001, and has had work in anthologies such as Mome, Scheherazade, the Graphic Canon, Runner Runner, and the Big Feminist But. She does things backwards, and is just now getting around to making her first minicomics and zines.

Visit Andrice's website, and pick up Occupation at Table 66A May 31st & June 1st!