CAKE DEBUT: Grave by K. Wroten

Grave by K. Wroten

The first part of the story of Nislo, a forsworn warrior on the run from her past. (queer, cerebral, fantasy)

Grave by K. WrotenGrave by K. WrotenGrave by K. WrotenGrave by K. Wroten

K. WrotenK.Wroten is from Kansas City and is 22 years old. She self-publishes a charmingly offensive comic book series called JUKEBOX consisting of several short stories. She has also been published nationally by DC and her work has received several awards. She is currently working on a longer surreal fantasy comic called GRAVE. The tale of Nislo, a queer warrior-woman who travels across time and space in search of personal meaning.

Visit K's website, and pick up Grave at Table 91B May 31st & June 1st!