CAKE DEBUT: A Collection of FEELS by Ian McDuffie


FEELS is a webcomic about the rug pulled out from under. Or, a group of newly-minted art school freshmen. A Collection of FEELS is a starter's guide, a best-of (so far), if you will. Meet the cast, stay the night in the dorms. The gang's all here, in vibrant color, and morose attempts to fit in.



ianmcduffieThe tires screech. A miniature T-Shirt flaps in the wind. Much like a snail’s trail, a wayward eyeball makes its way across the windshield. Ian McDuffie lives in Chicago, and works all the time, mostly on the comic FEELS, which you would probably like.

Visit Ian's website, and pick up A Collection of FEELS at Table 33B June 6 & 7th!