CAKE DEBUT: Don't Try to Save Me - Part One: The Wolfman by Grant Reynolds


This is the first issue of an ongoing memoir series that explores the author's turbulent past of substance abuse, as well as physical abuse. The first portion, which was initially published in Lumpen, has been re-drawn. The last two portions are comprised of new, previously unpublished material. The second issue of the series, which debuted last year, will also be available.



trubbleGrant is a member of, and will be tabling with Trubble Club! Trubble Club has published 8 volumes of jam comics in the six years it’s been active, but its various members are additionally all active contributors to Chicago’s comics scene. We’ve tabled at all the CAKEs, as well as participated in a variety of other events, including a mural at the MCA and a jam sculpture at DePaul’s Art Museum.

Visit Trubble Club's website, and pick up Don't Try To Save Me at Tables 39 & 40A June 6 & 7th!